Sunday, December 4, 2011

@WhiteHouse - If you want my vote, I need to see Financial Executives in orange jumpsuits

President Obama - I'm a registered Republican who voted for you in 2008.   I voted for you because worthless politicians in my Republican party did stupid shit that destroyed our economy.   While you're making some progress,  it's simply not enough.  And worst of all,  I am just effing tired of reading about all the financial executives who made tens and hundreds of millions,  while driving our economy over a cliff with the worthless games they played in the mortgage market.  You want my vote in 2012?   OK then,  I need to start seeing a bunch of rich, white bankers marching around in orange jumpsuits.  Until that happens,  get lost.

Can you tell that I'm watching the 60 minutes piece this evening on all the rich bankers who screwed America,  with ZERO fear of prosecution?

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