Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Articles worth a read, January 2012

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@SenatorBurr - Favorite political comments from Twitter

Although it's pretty thin right now,  I am going to keep a running post of my favorite political humor read on Twitter.   There have been some real gut busters in the last couple weeks and I don't want to miss an opportunity to create a running list to reflect back upon.

Addendum - After keeping small running list of some good political humor tweets,  I've come to realize that there's just far too much good political humor out there on TWITTER.  If you want a really good laugh,  add some of these to your Twitter Stream:

Straight political humor

Financial oriented that are roll on the ground funny at debate time

But ... I'm going to call a halt to this running list.  I need to make more time to laugh at all the political humor on Twitter.
"Never trust a man who has his face airbrushed on the side of a bus." -Confucius
BREAKING: Egomaniac with multiple ex-wives and bad hair to endorse Egomaniac with multiple ex-wives and bad hair to become President #Trump
Gingrich is just going to leave this reality for a future where he's the president.
REPORT: Mitt Romney is at the Epcot Center looking for new countries to store his money.
Odd that Ron Paul's plan to replace Medicare with gold and and weed isn't popular in Florida.
Tea Party: We like to pretend this deficit wasn't entirely created by idiocy of the GOP.
Don't worry, America. You'll have a quarter-billionaire selling you austerity for the poor and tax breaks for the richest all summer long.
BUT SERIOUSLY: If it takes you 15 million and every drop of bile you have to beat Newt, you're not that great at this. #FLPrimary
Voting for Romney is like buying a US Treasury bond. Relative to alternatives,it's safe but don't expect it to be a winner by year end.
Romney pulls it out in Florida thanks to his unlikely coalition of Swamp People and Stripper-Moms
For all Gingrich's talk abut space colonies, it's ironic that he lost Jupiter, Florida
Santorum claims victory over one precinct in FL - old fashioned Main Street in Disney World
Newt carried Ybor City section of Tampa. "They just get me"
: Newt has a life-size Oval Office replica built underground in which he practices issuing executive orders
Newt looks like he should have a giant turkey leg duct taped to each hand!
I don't understand what Gingrich is doing. Is the loser allowed to make a long speech before he is shot? #FLPrimary 
When Newt Gingrich sets up his moon colony, I am going to attack it with my orbital space cannons. (full disclosure)
I'm staying out of US politics, but if I had to pick one candidate, I'd execute Gingrich.
Just heard a lady in the grocery store pronounce it Nude Gingrich and now I forget what sex is.
If Romney doesnt become president, he can now make billions giving offshore tax avoidance advice to '30% bracket' millionaires.
: Disappointing. When the President's enemy with the orange face looked sleepy I was sure he had been poisoned.
: I missed the first half, did he mention anything about Al Qaeda's unfair tax rate or Newt's galactic starship ideas? #cnbcsotu 
: Good strategy by Obama to keep speaking past 10. Republicans are in bed after Wheel of Fortune. #SOTU 
Remember when Republicans like me were for this stuff Obama is proposing? Before we wanted him to fail, I mean. #SOTU  
: What's taking Obama so long to execute these four? #FLDebate 
: I'm the Tom Brady of GOP candidates. New England? check. Hot wife? check. Winner? check. Better than you? Double check. 
: An evil fat man hated by millions suddenly becomes President. Where have I heard this story before? 
: Americans who don't know the sun is a star: 55%... World population that has never used a phone: 50% ... Romney's taxes: 15% -know ur stats. 
: NewtGingrich - Honored to have Chuck Norris’ endorsement. He will make an excellent Secretary of Attack.
: Chuck Norris? Pfft. I'm proud to announce I've been endorsed by Steven Seagal's stunt double from Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. 
: Romney trading Asian stocks from his phone during commercial break, Santorum playing Cupcake Maker  
: I believe in America. My money believes in the Cayman Islands. 
: Tell Ron Paul that I'm also an OB/GYN, then pull out an "Offical Breast Inspector" card.  
: Was the idiot from Texas executed? 
: This season of Survivor really has been the best ever. So suspenseful. Do you think Gingrich has a chance? 
: There is no point in putting these men on TV for 2 hours and then not show them being hanged. 
: cue up the hate speech because these honkies have nothing else to offer.
: I love Newt's borderline get the negro out of the white house speech.
: Romney opener tonight: "Let me first say that Ann and I have a closed marriage."
: The same folks who say govt can't create jobs now say govt isn't creating 20k of them by killing Keystone. Huh?
: So Newt Gingrich is a conservative...with a liberal penis. 
: Obama to Accept Dem. Nomination at Bank of America Stadium. Was Goldman Sachs field booked?
: Ron Paul's suit size is a 42 Awkward.
: Romney: They haven't invented a calculator that could tabulate my income.
: Sanatorum always has this look on his face like he needs to borrow eight dollars.
: Rick Perry: Texas versus any bullshit country in the middle east, let's rumble.
: Just spotted Paul at tailor, having his suit jacket ill fitted in time 4 debate.
: O'Reilly and Rove on the split screen right now. It's like Page/Plant or Vader/Palpatine.
: Next week's GOP debate is on Nickelodeon. Moderated by Mark Summers, it will be entirely in Double Dare format.
: I think I speak for all Americans when I say that I hope tonight's debate comes down to Gay Marriage.
: Rick Perry: ˝I too have a dream. That one day I can eat Nachos Grande off a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader's stomach while cleaning my guns.˝
: One wonders how Mitt Romney feels about taxation of carried interest.
: Use whatever Bret Baier's hair is made of to secure our borders.
: So when you see that disgusting slug Rove on TV remember that he slandered a f*cking war hero and stuck us with a 2-term retarded president
: Which Goldman partner speaks Hungarian? 99.9% probability is next PM #GoldmanControlsWorld.
: Mitt Romney is a real conservative… just like George W. Bush was a real cowboy.
: Build a dozen Applebees in downtown Kabul and declare victory.
: Stare at Romney until his head explodes, like I practiced on that cat.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Are you really that stupid Senator, Really?

Our dolt of a Republican Senator released his response to President Obama's January 24, 2012 State of the Union Address.  I'm going to enjoy a couple more days,  maybe weeks,  possibly months of watching worthless Republican Politicians squirm,  then I'll eventually circle back around and make my own comments about our Senator's finger pointing and blame game. 

Without adieu,  comments from our dolt:

Richard Burr:
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

“Americans today are faced with economic uncertainty, and they are right to expect leadership from their elected representatives in Washington.  President Obama touched on many important issues tonight, but actions speak louder than words.  While some might have been impressed with his delivery, I contend that he must be judged on his policies.

“I do not blame the President for the difficulties he inherited when he took office, but I do hold him accountable for the ineffective, expensive, job-killing policies he has forced onto the American people over the last three years.  Has he forgotten about the first two years of his presidency when almost all of his economic policies were implemented with the help of a Democrat-controlled Congress?  For two years, Democrats controlled the White House and both houses of Congress, and if the President wanted to do something to fix the housing crisis, address student loans, reform immigration policy, and promote a comprehensive energy policy, or work towards any of the goals he brought up tonight, he could have easily done so.  His inaction proves that the things he called priorities tonight were not high on his list at the time.

“It is time for President Obama to face the facts – his policies have failed and are making our economy worse.  Our debt has reached record heights under his watch, and unemployment has exceeded 8 percent every month that he has been in office.  Many of the challenges the President mentioned tonight were created here in Washington by expanding the size and scope of the federal government and increasing the debt limit in hopes of turning the economy around.  As we have learned, however, throwing money at our problems is not the right approach to restoring economic prosperity.

“The President should stand behind his bipartisan pledges and work with Congress to find ways to enact change that will truly put us on the path to prosperity.

“I was glad to hear the President address the need to increase our production of domestic energy, and I am pleased that there is already a bipartisan framework in Congress to spur the production and use of natural gas called the NAT GAS Act.  Energy independence plays a vital role in America's national security, and this bill represents a step in the right direction towards decreasing our dependence on imported energy sources.  However, I wish the President would listen to his own concerns and the recommendations of his own “blue-ribbon” commission and reverse his  decision to halt construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Instead, he pays lip service to energy security.

“I also applaud the President’s call for fiscal responsibility, but we have heard all of this before and the American people demand action, not just more of the same.  We must rein in spending from Washington to begin paying off our enormous debt and live within our means.  At last year’s State of the Union, President Obama called for the merging of federal agencies to reduce duplicative functions and waste.  I proposed bills that would accomplish this goal, and I hope that the Administration will consider this approach and urge the Majority in the Senate to act.

“However, fiscal responsibility will never be achieved without a sound, responsible federal budget.  It has been 1,000 days since the Senate passed an annual budget, and this is simply unacceptable.  I was disappointed that the President announced that he is once again delaying his budget recommendations for the coming fiscal year.  Annual budgets are absolutely vital to get our fiscal house in order, rein in government spending, and put our economy back on the right track.  Even more, we should work towards a balanced budget amendment to restore the confidence in our government and our economy.  Instead, the President pays lip service to fiscal responsibility.

“I was also happy to hear the President discuss the need to make the tax system more equitable and less burdensome on middle class families and small businesses.  There are ways to accomplish this goal without raising taxes on job creators.  Raising taxes on American families is a non-starter, but we can simplify the tax code and eliminate tax loopholes so that small businesses in North Carolina aren’t paying more than large corporations who take advantage of the loopholes in our system.

“The President’s State of the Union address sounded a lot like speeches we have heard from him since he took office, but words alone are not enough to turn our economy around and put the American people back to work.  I hope he will heed his own advice and work to advance policies that help instead of hurt and promote growth rather than stifle it.”

@SenatorBurr - Gotta love that Bruce Bartlett, he's one funny Republican

Was reading this article in Rolling Stone and came across this line from Bruce Bartlett that had me rolling in the floor,  laughing:  "Taxes are ridiculously low!" says Bruce Bartlett, an architect of Reagan's 1981 tax cut. "And yet the mantra of the Republican Party is 'Tax cuts raise growth.' So – where's the fucking growth?"

I think this says it all:

All the growth is in the wealth of the small minority of rich Republicans pulling the strings. Yes, Bruce, the 400 highest paid Americans made an AVERAGE of $270 Million in the latest reported period.  They paid taxes at an average of only 18.1%.   Over 1/3rd of those 400 paid less than 15%.  The one that grates on me the most?  There were over 25 hedge fund managers last year who made over $1 Billion each.  They do the same damn thing I do,  speculate in securities.  I can sell that same damn stock and book the same damn gain,  but the carried interest rules, protected by Republicans, allows these Billionaires to pay taxes that are 50% less than me.  Yep,  the growth is in the wealth of the protected class,  protected by Republican politicians.

The sweet deal for the rich contrasts with what happens to everyone else.  Almost every middle class American household making between $200 K and $1 M winds up trapped in AMT and paying 22 - 24%, significantly higher than the super wealthy.  And the average American household makes only $54,283, the same damn thing in 2009 that they made in 1997.  You can bet that gas, groceries, health care,  and education don't cost the same, eh?

Yes, Bruce.  I am laughing my ass off at the typical, poor American schmuck faced with flat income but rising costs,  paying more taxes than Mitt,  firm in their ridiculous belief that Obama is a raging socialist,  and stupidly voting nothing but a straight Republican ticket .... so the super wealthy can keep on taking, taking, taking ... while the rest of America suffers.  We live in a nation full of naive schmucks.

Funny stuff,  huh?

No, no so funny after all.

@SenatorBurr - There's that moment

There's this sublime moment, just after drinking a really nice wine, or smoking a good cigar, or enjoying a great beer, know it? You just sit back, feel at ease and ask yourself ... "ain't life great!". Sometimes that moment is temporary, lasting only a couple minutes. Sometimes hours, or days. Hopefully, at least once in every person's life, the moment can last weeks, months, maybe even years. Hopefully.

Well, I'm enjoying one of those moments now. I think it's going to last a long while. Our President's State of the Union Address was informative, inspiring. He hit it out of the park, on so many fronts. And the Republican politicians who cratered our economy, have no viable solutions to correct course, who can only obstruct, point fingers, complain, they're all on the run. Our Republican Senator is one of those losers.  Moments after the President spoke, on Twitter, from our loser Senator:

... sounded a lot like speeches we have heard from the President before. Words alone are not enough to turn our economy around ...

Now, it's time to just sit back, enjoy the calm and peace this moment brings, and watch with amusement as Republican politicians squirm.

North Carolina deserves better than our loser of a Republican Senator, Richard Burr.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Have you taken the voting test yet?

If you haven't already,  then take the USA Today voting test.

My results:

1. Obama 70%
2. Huntsman 46%
3. Romney 44%

I suspect if our dolt of a Republican Senator took the test,  his results would be a 3 way tie:

1. Mickey Mouse
2. Barney Fife
3. Michele Bachmann

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Monday, January 23, 2012

@SenatorBurr - The Boston Consulting Group says you're worthless.

Thanks to Mitt Romney,  most Americans are now aware of Bain Consulting.  It's where all the brainy MBAs go after getting their business degrees.  The best of the best wind up at Bain.  And if they're not at Bain,  they go to The Boston Consulting Group,  or BCG.   These two hi-powered consulting firms have some of the brightest people on Earth within their ranks.  I have great respect for anyone who has worked at either of these firms.  And I take very seriously any of the studies,  or research pieces that come out of these shops.  And after reading a research report this evening from BCG,  I am madder than hell at my piece of crap US Republican Senator.  Richard Burr is worthless.

BCG has written a stunning report that demonstrates how the world has $21 Trillion in debt that it simply can not handle.  They conclude there is no way we're ever going to repay this debt.  It must be written off.  Either that,  or we're in for decades of pain and misery as our over-indebted world economy just flounders.  The only viable alternative,  according to this BCG study,  is a wealth tax. Governments around the world are going to wind up taking about 1/3rd of everyone's wealth to pay off these debts. Everyone,  the world over.

Not only has BCG laid out the stunning facts about our debt,  they've totally discredited the Republican game plan of austerity. It will not work. It will only serve to further crater the world economy,  eventually lead to massively high unemployment,  and finally result in waves of social unrest that will destabilize the world.  In other words,  Republicans have nothing.  Republicans have no solutions.  Republican politicians got us into this mess,  and the Republican plan to get us out will only make it worse.

So,  why am I really upset with Senator Richard Burr?  Our Senator knows these things.  I know he's aware of these issues because I periodically read the text of his speeches.  He warns us about the pain to come.  Yet,  he does nothing.  In fact,  it's worse.  We need to raise taxes.  We need to cut expenses.  Yet our Senator blocks every attempt made to get rid of that ultra low, senseless 15% income tax rate on Wealthy Wall Street Bankers, Venture Capitalists,  and Hedge Fund Mangers.  Our Senator does nothing about the fact that our country spends more than the next 17 nations, combined,  on defense.  Our Senator protects the rich and the wars,  while kicking middle class Americans in the teeth and shoving us over a cliff.  Our Senator does nothing.  Our Senator is absolutely worthless.

Super wealthy Americans, like Mitt Romney, making 10s and 100s of millions a year,  pay income tax at rates below the average American.  Yet,  our country racks up over a Trillion in debt annually.  And worthless Republicans like Richard Burr block every attempt made to get rid of the ridiculous, ultra low 15% carried interest tax rate that gives massive amounts of wealth to Wall Street Bankers,  Hedge Fund Managers,  Venture Capitalists,  and Private Equity Partners.  Our Senator complains about debt and spending,  while he shovels wealth into the pockets of these super rich, and debt onto the backs of middle class Americans.

Face it.  We have a worthless,  piece of crap Republican Senator.  Richard Burr is a man who does not practice what he preaches. He's a man who does not apply common sense.   He's a man who bitches, complains and points fingers.  Yet,  he does nothing to help solve the problems.  He does nothing but stand in the way of progress. Richard Burr is worthless.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Friday, January 20, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Romney will get obliterated in SC tomorrow. I know why, do you?

Mitt Romney,  up by 15 points in the polls just one week ago,  is going to wind up getting obliterated tomorrow in SC.  Do you know why?  Our clueless Republican Senator,  Richard Burr, doesn't know.  Most Americans know.  Middle class America absolutely knows.  Why?  Income Taxes.

Time and again,  I've made a point on this blog about the inequity in our income tax code that greatly favors the super wealthy. I will make it again, and again, and again.  Americans are tired of Congress racking up massive amounts of debt,  while the super rich in our country pay income taxes at rates below the middle class.  This is a problem created by Republicans. And its going to wind up being the issue that prevents our party from winning this election. 

Mitt Romney admitted he paid less than 15% of his income in federal income taxes.  Newt Gingrich released returns showing he paid well over 30%.  But, Mitt makes SIGNIFICANTLY more money than Newt.  And Mitt is SIGNIFICANTLY more wealthy.  Yet, Mitt pays income taxes at a rate 50% lower than Newt? 

Americans aren't stupid.  They see the inequity, and care about nothing else.  Mitt's support evaporated, overnight. And he will never recover from this income tax issue.  It is the nail in his coffin, as it should be.

It all came down to income taxes.  The inequity in our tax code became crystal clear.  As a result,  Mitt is a loser.  Our GOP will get stuck with Newt, a real scumbag.  And President Obama will kick the daylights out of Newt in the general election.

Republican lawmakers made their bed when they kissed the tails of the super wealthy, cutting their taxes to the bone,  while kicking middle class America in the teeth,  and shoving us over a cliff.  And until Republicans wake up,  and bring fairness back to the tax code,  there will not be a GOP President in the White House.

Karma, Justice, and Common Sense.

Links to previous posts about tax inequity:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Sitting here this evening realizing what a sorry a**ed SOB you are Senator.

The contrasts in American life are simply overwhelming.  And sometimes,  they are so terribly out of whack that it's difficult to keep ones sanity intact.  I'm having one of those nights,  as a result of reading 2 news stories:

1.  America pays $800,000 a year for each of the terrorists we are housing in Guantánamo Bay.  They get warm clothes,  a warm bed,  3 warm meals daily,  free health care,  satellite TV,  and legal representation.  Thank you Republicans for starting wars,  pissing away $1.5 Trillion,  and paying through the nose to keep our enemies safe, warm,  and well fed.

2. An 8 year old child drops dead from undiagnosed cancer in Cleveland.  His parents could not afford to take him to see a physician.  His mother was treating him for a cold.  The parents were charged with manslaughter.  I feel for these poor people.  My heart bleeds for them.

If that poor child was a terrorist,  he'd be alive today.  He'd have clean clothes,  a warm bed,  free health care,  warm meals,  satellite TV.

Republicans readily spend $1.5 Trillion on wars,  but bitch and complain about Obamacare.  We treat our enemies like royalty,  while our citizens drop dead from lack of basic medical attention.

I'm sitting here,  just shaking my head,  and asking myself how in the hell we can tolerate having sorry-assed Republican politicians like Richard Burr in office.  These morons spend trillions waging war,  with ease. Yet when it comes time to find a way to provide basic medical care to Americans,  all they can do is complain.

I am just fucking tired of hearing Republican politicians bitch about Obamacare.  If they offered other solutions,  I'd be more tolerant.  Had they not destroyed our economy,  I'd be more tolerant.  Had they not pissed away massive amounts of money on wars,  I'd be more tolerant.  But I no longer have tolerance for the idiocy I hear coming out of the mouths of Republican politicians. I'm tired of it.  And I just don't want to hear it any more.  Neither should you.

North Carolina deserves better than our sorry-assed Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Why does it take so many big words to deliver a simple message?

Ben Bernake delivered an extensive White Paper to Capital Hill today,  addressing the need for Congress to do something about the housing crises.   As I was reading the article about this message Ben delivered to Congress,  I couldn't help but think ... why does it take so many big words to deliver a very simple message?  Honestly,  one of the primarily problems we have right now is that people are so full of hot air.  Say what you have to say.  Spit it out,  in plain English.

That message Ben delivered to Congress today in his 34 page White Paper?  .... Allow me to shorten it into a simple sentence ...

Dear Congress:




@SenatorBurr - Richard Cordray appointment really bugs sensible Americans, but not in the way you think

President Obama did an end-around Congress today and appointed Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Protection agency. This whole situation really pisses me off,  as I suspect it bugs most Americans who apply common sense.  The President is right in doing what's he's doing.  And once again,  Congress is way out in left field.

Since when did we migrate in our government to a situation where the Legislative Branch is the center of the universe? This is such utter bullshit. Our founders established 3 separate branches of government. In the Executive Branch, the people elect a President. The President appoints his cabinet, and that should be that. When, and why in the hell, did we get into a situation where the Legislative Branch has to approve every appointment in the Executive Branch? The American people are simply god damn tired of all the bullshit mud slinging that goes on between Congress and the White House as it pertains to approval over Presidential appointments. Let the man hire who he wants to hire. If we're not happy about it, well, its our job to fire the President. But Legislators need to get their damn noses out of Executive Branch HR decisions and get back to doing some Legislative work.

Let's look at this issue from another angle. Does the President have the right to hold up the hiring of Congressional staffers? Turn about is fair play, no? It makes absolutely no sense that Congress must approve Presidential appointments to Executive Branch positions, if the Executive Branch does not have the right to review and approve Congressional appointments. And that's just plain, North Carolina common sense. I'd chuckle with delight at the outcries we'd hear from Congress if each and every Congressional staffer hiring decision had to have White House approval.

Enough is enough. Stop this endless bullshit mudslinging over Executive Branch HR decisions.  Stop whining and crying about Presidential appointments.  Stop wasting our time with this ridiculous, silly crap.  Get your nose out of places it does not belong.  Get back to work Senator Burr.

Addendum - This situation is now poised to go way beyond the surreal (Senate Republicans Could Delay Fed Confirmations Over Recess Appointment Fight) ... are Republicans Really this stupid,  Senator? Really?

North Carolina deserves better than our dolt of a US Senator,  Richard Burr.