Monday, January 23, 2012

@SenatorBurr - The Boston Consulting Group says you're worthless.

Thanks to Mitt Romney,  most Americans are now aware of Bain Consulting.  It's where all the brainy MBAs go after getting their business degrees.  The best of the best wind up at Bain.  And if they're not at Bain,  they go to The Boston Consulting Group,  or BCG.   These two hi-powered consulting firms have some of the brightest people on Earth within their ranks.  I have great respect for anyone who has worked at either of these firms.  And I take very seriously any of the studies,  or research pieces that come out of these shops.  And after reading a research report this evening from BCG,  I am madder than hell at my piece of crap US Republican Senator.  Richard Burr is worthless.

BCG has written a stunning report that demonstrates how the world has $21 Trillion in debt that it simply can not handle.  They conclude there is no way we're ever going to repay this debt.  It must be written off.  Either that,  or we're in for decades of pain and misery as our over-indebted world economy just flounders.  The only viable alternative,  according to this BCG study,  is a wealth tax. Governments around the world are going to wind up taking about 1/3rd of everyone's wealth to pay off these debts. Everyone,  the world over.

Not only has BCG laid out the stunning facts about our debt,  they've totally discredited the Republican game plan of austerity. It will not work. It will only serve to further crater the world economy,  eventually lead to massively high unemployment,  and finally result in waves of social unrest that will destabilize the world.  In other words,  Republicans have nothing.  Republicans have no solutions.  Republican politicians got us into this mess,  and the Republican plan to get us out will only make it worse.

So,  why am I really upset with Senator Richard Burr?  Our Senator knows these things.  I know he's aware of these issues because I periodically read the text of his speeches.  He warns us about the pain to come.  Yet,  he does nothing.  In fact,  it's worse.  We need to raise taxes.  We need to cut expenses.  Yet our Senator blocks every attempt made to get rid of that ultra low, senseless 15% income tax rate on Wealthy Wall Street Bankers, Venture Capitalists,  and Hedge Fund Mangers.  Our Senator does nothing about the fact that our country spends more than the next 17 nations, combined,  on defense.  Our Senator protects the rich and the wars,  while kicking middle class Americans in the teeth and shoving us over a cliff.  Our Senator does nothing.  Our Senator is absolutely worthless.

Super wealthy Americans, like Mitt Romney, making 10s and 100s of millions a year,  pay income tax at rates below the average American.  Yet,  our country racks up over a Trillion in debt annually.  And worthless Republicans like Richard Burr block every attempt made to get rid of the ridiculous, ultra low 15% carried interest tax rate that gives massive amounts of wealth to Wall Street Bankers,  Hedge Fund Managers,  Venture Capitalists,  and Private Equity Partners.  Our Senator complains about debt and spending,  while he shovels wealth into the pockets of these super rich, and debt onto the backs of middle class Americans.

Face it.  We have a worthless,  piece of crap Republican Senator.  Richard Burr is a man who does not practice what he preaches. He's a man who does not apply common sense.   He's a man who bitches, complains and points fingers.  Yet,  he does nothing to help solve the problems.  He does nothing but stand in the way of progress. Richard Burr is worthless.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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  1. Agreed about RB.

    BHO hit it out of the park this evening.

    Hopefully attention to MR tax returns will finally bring some justice to our tax code.

    I really wish I could only pay 14%.