Tuesday, January 31, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Favorite political comments from Twitter

Although it's pretty thin right now,  I am going to keep a running post of my favorite political humor read on Twitter.   There have been some real gut busters in the last couple weeks and I don't want to miss an opportunity to create a running list to reflect back upon.

Addendum - After keeping small running list of some good political humor tweets,  I've come to realize that there's just far too much good political humor out there on TWITTER.  If you want a really good laugh,  add some of these to your Twitter Stream:

Straight political humor

Financial oriented that are roll on the ground funny at debate time

But ... I'm going to call a halt to this running list.  I need to make more time to laugh at all the political humor on Twitter.
"Never trust a man who has his face airbrushed on the side of a bus." -Confucius
BREAKING: Egomaniac with multiple ex-wives and bad hair to endorse Egomaniac with multiple ex-wives and bad hair to become President #Trump
Gingrich is just going to leave this reality for a future where he's the president.
REPORT: Mitt Romney is at the Epcot Center looking for new countries to store his money.
Odd that Ron Paul's plan to replace Medicare with gold and and weed isn't popular in Florida.
Tea Party: We like to pretend this deficit wasn't entirely created by idiocy of the GOP.
Don't worry, America. You'll have a quarter-billionaire selling you austerity for the poor and tax breaks for the richest all summer long.
BUT SERIOUSLY: If it takes you 15 million and every drop of bile you have to beat Newt, you're not that great at this. #FLPrimary
Voting for Romney is like buying a US Treasury bond. Relative to alternatives,it's safe but don't expect it to be a winner by year end.
Romney pulls it out in Florida thanks to his unlikely coalition of Swamp People and Stripper-Moms
For all Gingrich's talk abut space colonies, it's ironic that he lost Jupiter, Florida
Santorum claims victory over one precinct in FL - old fashioned Main Street in Disney World
Newt carried Ybor City section of Tampa. "They just get me"
: Newt has a life-size Oval Office replica built underground in which he practices issuing executive orders
Newt looks like he should have a giant turkey leg duct taped to each hand!
I don't understand what Gingrich is doing. Is the loser allowed to make a long speech before he is shot? #FLPrimary 
When Newt Gingrich sets up his moon colony, I am going to attack it with my orbital space cannons. (full disclosure)
I'm staying out of US politics, but if I had to pick one candidate, I'd execute Gingrich.
Just heard a lady in the grocery store pronounce it Nude Gingrich and now I forget what sex is.
If Romney doesnt become president, he can now make billions giving offshore tax avoidance advice to '30% bracket' millionaires.
: Disappointing. When the President's enemy with the orange face looked sleepy I was sure he had been poisoned.
: I missed the first half, did he mention anything about Al Qaeda's unfair tax rate or Newt's galactic starship ideas? #cnbcsotu 
: Good strategy by Obama to keep speaking past 10. Republicans are in bed after Wheel of Fortune. #SOTU 
Remember when Republicans like me were for this stuff Obama is proposing? Before we wanted him to fail, I mean. #SOTU  
: What's taking Obama so long to execute these four? #FLDebate 
: I'm the Tom Brady of GOP candidates. New England? check. Hot wife? check. Winner? check. Better than you? Double check. 
: An evil fat man hated by millions suddenly becomes President. Where have I heard this story before? 
: Americans who don't know the sun is a star: 55%... World population that has never used a phone: 50% ... Romney's taxes: 15% -know ur stats. 
: NewtGingrich - Honored to have Chuck Norris’ endorsement. He will make an excellent Secretary of Attack.
: Chuck Norris? Pfft. I'm proud to announce I've been endorsed by Steven Seagal's stunt double from Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. 
: Romney trading Asian stocks from his phone during commercial break, Santorum playing Cupcake Maker  
: I believe in America. My money believes in the Cayman Islands. 
: Tell Ron Paul that I'm also an OB/GYN, then pull out an "Offical Breast Inspector" card.  
: Was the idiot from Texas executed? 
: This season of Survivor really has been the best ever. So suspenseful. Do you think Gingrich has a chance? 
: There is no point in putting these men on TV for 2 hours and then not show them being hanged. 
: cue up the hate speech because these honkies have nothing else to offer.
: I love Newt's borderline get the negro out of the white house speech.
: Romney opener tonight: "Let me first say that Ann and I have a closed marriage."
: The same folks who say govt can't create jobs now say govt isn't creating 20k of them by killing Keystone. Huh?
: So Newt Gingrich is a conservative...with a liberal penis. 
: Obama to Accept Dem. Nomination at Bank of America Stadium. Was Goldman Sachs field booked?
: Ron Paul's suit size is a 42 Awkward.
: Romney: They haven't invented a calculator that could tabulate my income.
: Sanatorum always has this look on his face like he needs to borrow eight dollars.
: Rick Perry: Texas versus any bullshit country in the middle east, let's rumble.
: Just spotted Paul at tailor, having his suit jacket ill fitted in time 4 debate.
: O'Reilly and Rove on the split screen right now. It's like Page/Plant or Vader/Palpatine.
: Next week's GOP debate is on Nickelodeon. Moderated by Mark Summers, it will be entirely in Double Dare format.
: I think I speak for all Americans when I say that I hope tonight's debate comes down to Gay Marriage.
: Rick Perry: ˝I too have a dream. That one day I can eat Nachos Grande off a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader's stomach while cleaning my guns.˝
: One wonders how Mitt Romney feels about taxation of carried interest.
: Use whatever Bret Baier's hair is made of to secure our borders.
: So when you see that disgusting slug Rove on TV remember that he slandered a f*cking war hero and stuck us with a 2-term retarded president
: Which Goldman partner speaks Hungarian? 99.9% probability is next PM #GoldmanControlsWorld.
: Mitt Romney is a real conservative… just like George W. Bush was a real cowboy.
: Build a dozen Applebees in downtown Kabul and declare victory.
: Stare at Romney until his head explodes, like I practiced on that cat.

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