Wednesday, January 4, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Richard Cordray appointment really bugs sensible Americans, but not in the way you think

President Obama did an end-around Congress today and appointed Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Protection agency. This whole situation really pisses me off,  as I suspect it bugs most Americans who apply common sense.  The President is right in doing what's he's doing.  And once again,  Congress is way out in left field.

Since when did we migrate in our government to a situation where the Legislative Branch is the center of the universe? This is such utter bullshit. Our founders established 3 separate branches of government. In the Executive Branch, the people elect a President. The President appoints his cabinet, and that should be that. When, and why in the hell, did we get into a situation where the Legislative Branch has to approve every appointment in the Executive Branch? The American people are simply god damn tired of all the bullshit mud slinging that goes on between Congress and the White House as it pertains to approval over Presidential appointments. Let the man hire who he wants to hire. If we're not happy about it, well, its our job to fire the President. But Legislators need to get their damn noses out of Executive Branch HR decisions and get back to doing some Legislative work.

Let's look at this issue from another angle. Does the President have the right to hold up the hiring of Congressional staffers? Turn about is fair play, no? It makes absolutely no sense that Congress must approve Presidential appointments to Executive Branch positions, if the Executive Branch does not have the right to review and approve Congressional appointments. And that's just plain, North Carolina common sense. I'd chuckle with delight at the outcries we'd hear from Congress if each and every Congressional staffer hiring decision had to have White House approval.

Enough is enough. Stop this endless bullshit mudslinging over Executive Branch HR decisions.  Stop whining and crying about Presidential appointments.  Stop wasting our time with this ridiculous, silly crap.  Get your nose out of places it does not belong.  Get back to work Senator Burr.

Addendum - This situation is now poised to go way beyond the surreal (Senate Republicans Could Delay Fed Confirmations Over Recess Appointment Fight) ... are Republicans Really this stupid,  Senator? Really?

North Carolina deserves better than our dolt of a US Senator,  Richard Burr.

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