Friday, January 20, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Romney will get obliterated in SC tomorrow. I know why, do you?

Mitt Romney,  up by 15 points in the polls just one week ago,  is going to wind up getting obliterated tomorrow in SC.  Do you know why?  Our clueless Republican Senator,  Richard Burr, doesn't know.  Most Americans know.  Middle class America absolutely knows.  Why?  Income Taxes.

Time and again,  I've made a point on this blog about the inequity in our income tax code that greatly favors the super wealthy. I will make it again, and again, and again.  Americans are tired of Congress racking up massive amounts of debt,  while the super rich in our country pay income taxes at rates below the middle class.  This is a problem created by Republicans. And its going to wind up being the issue that prevents our party from winning this election. 

Mitt Romney admitted he paid less than 15% of his income in federal income taxes.  Newt Gingrich released returns showing he paid well over 30%.  But, Mitt makes SIGNIFICANTLY more money than Newt.  And Mitt is SIGNIFICANTLY more wealthy.  Yet, Mitt pays income taxes at a rate 50% lower than Newt? 

Americans aren't stupid.  They see the inequity, and care about nothing else.  Mitt's support evaporated, overnight. And he will never recover from this income tax issue.  It is the nail in his coffin, as it should be.

It all came down to income taxes.  The inequity in our tax code became crystal clear.  As a result,  Mitt is a loser.  Our GOP will get stuck with Newt, a real scumbag.  And President Obama will kick the daylights out of Newt in the general election.

Republican lawmakers made their bed when they kissed the tails of the super wealthy, cutting their taxes to the bone,  while kicking middle class America in the teeth,  and shoving us over a cliff.  And until Republicans wake up,  and bring fairness back to the tax code,  there will not be a GOP President in the White House.

Karma, Justice, and Common Sense.

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