Thursday, January 12, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Sitting here this evening realizing what a sorry a**ed SOB you are Senator.

The contrasts in American life are simply overwhelming.  And sometimes,  they are so terribly out of whack that it's difficult to keep ones sanity intact.  I'm having one of those nights,  as a result of reading 2 news stories:

1.  America pays $800,000 a year for each of the terrorists we are housing in Guantánamo Bay.  They get warm clothes,  a warm bed,  3 warm meals daily,  free health care,  satellite TV,  and legal representation.  Thank you Republicans for starting wars,  pissing away $1.5 Trillion,  and paying through the nose to keep our enemies safe, warm,  and well fed.

2. An 8 year old child drops dead from undiagnosed cancer in Cleveland.  His parents could not afford to take him to see a physician.  His mother was treating him for a cold.  The parents were charged with manslaughter.  I feel for these poor people.  My heart bleeds for them.

If that poor child was a terrorist,  he'd be alive today.  He'd have clean clothes,  a warm bed,  free health care,  warm meals,  satellite TV.

Republicans readily spend $1.5 Trillion on wars,  but bitch and complain about Obamacare.  We treat our enemies like royalty,  while our citizens drop dead from lack of basic medical attention.

I'm sitting here,  just shaking my head,  and asking myself how in the hell we can tolerate having sorry-assed Republican politicians like Richard Burr in office.  These morons spend trillions waging war,  with ease. Yet when it comes time to find a way to provide basic medical care to Americans,  all they can do is complain.

I am just fucking tired of hearing Republican politicians bitch about Obamacare.  If they offered other solutions,  I'd be more tolerant.  Had they not destroyed our economy,  I'd be more tolerant.  Had they not pissed away massive amounts of money on wars,  I'd be more tolerant.  But I no longer have tolerance for the idiocy I hear coming out of the mouths of Republican politicians. I'm tired of it.  And I just don't want to hear it any more.  Neither should you.

North Carolina deserves better than our sorry-assed Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.

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