Wednesday, January 25, 2012

@SenatorBurr - There's that moment

There's this sublime moment, just after drinking a really nice wine, or smoking a good cigar, or enjoying a great beer, know it? You just sit back, feel at ease and ask yourself ... "ain't life great!". Sometimes that moment is temporary, lasting only a couple minutes. Sometimes hours, or days. Hopefully, at least once in every person's life, the moment can last weeks, months, maybe even years. Hopefully.

Well, I'm enjoying one of those moments now. I think it's going to last a long while. Our President's State of the Union Address was informative, inspiring. He hit it out of the park, on so many fronts. And the Republican politicians who cratered our economy, have no viable solutions to correct course, who can only obstruct, point fingers, complain, they're all on the run. Our Republican Senator is one of those losers.  Moments after the President spoke, on Twitter, from our loser Senator:

... sounded a lot like speeches we have heard from the President before. Words alone are not enough to turn our economy around ...

Now, it's time to just sit back, enjoy the calm and peace this moment brings, and watch with amusement as Republican politicians squirm.

North Carolina deserves better than our loser of a Republican Senator, Richard Burr.

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