Friday, February 24, 2012

Articles worth a read, February 2012

02/24 Gas prices: Ugly

02/23 US Government Debt: Per Capita
02/23 GOP debate: A den of lies
02/23 Average Joe: Won't give to GOP

02/22 CDS Risks: Big, getting bigger
02/22 Liquidity: Jacking world financial mkts
02/22 Break from politics: Fascinating news

02/21 Fear: Keeping inflation in check
02/21 Federal pay: Out of control
02/21 If Europe falls apart: Depression

02/20 Austerity: Destroying Greece
02/20 Austerity: Crushing Spain
02/20 Austerity: Not working in Europe

02/16 Military budget: Out of control
02/16 Greece: Risks loom large
02/16 Rich people: Walking away from Mortgages

02/15 Volcker Rule: Why it is so important
02/15 Europe: Taking lessons from GOP
02/15 Disappointing: More Burr finger pointing

02/14 Mitt: Hates the auto industry
02/14 Tea Party: Line pockets with gvpt aide
02/14 GOP Base: Poor, White

02/13 National debt: Out of control
02/13 Medical costs: Out of control
02/13 World Debt: Out of control

02/10 US Job losses: Worst in history
02/10 Food stamp use: Out of control
02/10 Federal employee pay: Out of control

02/09 Banker pay: Out of control
02/09 Treasury securities: Eating up the mkt
02/09 Housing: Ugly

02/08 GOP to Newt: Time to leave
02/08 Catholics to GOP: STFU
02/08 Mitt: Paying lobbyists for 15% tax rate

02/07 Obama: A moderate
02/07 Joyful news: The End of Wall Street
02/07 House GOP: Fight, or hide?

02/06 America: Get your shit together
02/06 Rail traffic: Looking good
02/06 Corporations: Pay no taxes

02/03 Jobs: More of them
02/03 Political uncertainty: Hurts our economy
02/03 Mitt's economic advisor: Idiot

02/02 Mitch: Lies, lies and more damn lies
02/02 Mitt: Backed (owned) by Hedge Funds
02/02 Mitt: Backed (owned) by the Super-Rich

02/01 Unemployment: Falling
02/01 GOP: Doing big things ... Yeah, right, got it 
02/01 February: T-9 months, and counting down


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