Thursday, February 16, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Holy moly, you're dumber than wood

I laughed out loud when I read this article.  Our idiot Senator is quoted:

"We're talking about extending benefits more than we're talking about creating the infrastructure needed for capital to be invested and for our economy to grow," said Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina. 

Senator Richard Burr is a complete,  utter moron.  The man simply does not understand very basic economic principles.

Senator ... capital is NOT our nation's problem right now.  Our banks are flush with capital.  So much so that they have almost $1.6 Trillion on deposit with the FED,  earning 1/4% interest. Why?  Because they have ZERO good alternatives to invest this money.

Our citizens have over $7.8 TILLION (Flow of Funds report, B.100, page 106, Lines 11, 12, 13) of money sitting in checking, savings, CDs and money market funds,  earning next to nothing.  Why?  Because they have ZERO good alternatives to invest this money.  And,  more importantly,  they look at the morons in Washington DC,  lose confidence,  and remain scared to put this money to work.

Although our nation has over $15 Trillion in debt outstanding and we're paying next to nothing in the way interest on that debt,  bidders continue to knock on the door looking to buy.  Constantly,  the bidders outnumber the Treasury debt to be sold by a factor of 2 to 3.

We are a country awash in Capital.  It's growing on fucking trees.  Holy shit Senator, what about this simple concept do you NOT understand? We don't need any more capital sloshing around in our system.  We're tired of listening to idiot politicians talk about increasing capital,  rewarding those who generate more capital,  finding avenues to stimulate the growth of capital,  handing out 15% tax rates on capital like it's candy ... capital, capital, capital.  BULLSHIT.

We need demand.   You should be talking about demand, demand,  demand.  We need for you to get off your sorry ass and find ways to spur demand so that all this excess capital sloshing around our financial system gets put to use.  And Senator,  cutting budgets doesn't do a damn thing in the way of stimulating demand.

God damn it Senator.  Take a fucking economics course at a local Community College.  Stop acting like a moron.  You are embarrassing the people of North Carolina.  If you can't grasp easy economics,  then get your sorry ass back to North Carolina and mow some more grass.   At least that would get some capital moving.  And for once in your life,  you would actually accomplish something that helps our economy.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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