Friday, February 10, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Incompetence pays in our society, eh?

I had to laugh at this article.  Incompetence really pays in our society.

Richard Burr voted in lockstep with George Bush.  Our economy crashed and burned under their leadership.  $15 Trillion in American wealth got wiped off the map from '07 to '12 as a result.   And our idiot Senator gets rewarded by maintaining his position in the US Senate.

And then the next note in the article goes on to highlight Erskine Bowles.  Richard beat Erskine in the 2002 race for the US Senate,  probably a result of that naive,  ridiculous commercial Erskine ran .... "Erskine,  Bowls".  Erskine runs up and down a bowling lane throwing strikes,  while Enron is raging,  unemployment is spiking,  and major corporations like Worldcom are going bankrupt left and right.  Erskine would have won the seat of our lame Senator if not for that out of touch commercial.  Most of NC would have been better off,  but not in the way you think.

Our state would have been better off had we allowed Erskine to do his damage in Washington DC and not North Carolina.  He went on to get rewarded with the Presidency of our state's college system.  What happens?  More incompetence.  Administrative expense growth ramps vastly beyond classroom expenditures.  The resulting mismanagement eventually causes deep, drastic cuts to university spending budgets.  Incompetence.

How does Erskine get rewarded for this incompetence?  He's appointed to a Board that oversees a report on how to balance the US Budget.  Yes,  incompetence gets ignored,  and rewarded.   It gets better though.  Then, Erskine goes on to be appointed to the Facebook Board of Directors and is rewarded million$ in stock.

Yes, incompetence pays in our society.   And that's why our nation is $15 Trillion in debt.

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