Thursday, February 9, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Maybe I'm wrong about Mitt?

What Mitt Romney does for a living is no different than what I do.  Using capital,  I make speculative investments.  Yet,  the US Government taxes me at a rate 40% higher than Mitt.  That has me extremely perturbed.  I am perturbed at a man who is so much more wealthy,  yet pays such a lower income tax rate.  It is simply not fair.

This one issue alone,  the unfairness of our nation's tax system, where rich are treated better than middle class,  has me in a position where I simply refuse to vote for Mitt Romney.  Modern day Republican politicians favor the super wealthy at the expense of middle class America.  At a time in our nation's history where we are so heavily in debt,  this favoritism of the wealthy must be reversed, massively.  And Republicans show no movement in making this happen. For that reason alone,  I will continue to turn my back on my own party,  and vote for anyone other than the Republican.

But,  I read this today, about Mitt.  Maybe I'm wrong?  Maybe this is the ONE AND ONLY exception I can make?

I'm thinking about it.  But it would be an significantly easier decision if Republicans wake the hell up and raise taxes on the super wealthy.   And not just a token raise,  but changes significant enough to make it certain that the wealthy are not treated better than the middle class.  My bet though,  it won't happen.   And I won't be voting Republican again, ever.

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