Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sh*t @SenatorBurr Says - Siri, how many grannies should I kick down a stairwell today?

When he was last on the campaign trail,  our idiot Senator Richard Burr bitched,  and moaned,  and complained about President Obama's move to cut $500 Billion out of Medicare over 10 years.  Senator Burr made that a key issue in his campaign.  He cried that those cuts were far too steep.  Then, what does he do when he gets back in office?  He proposes kicking grannies down the stairwell,  out into the cold,  over a cliff,  in the teeth.  Senator Burr has proposed to eliminate Medicare as we know it,  cutting TRILLIONs.

I agree with the effort to make cuts to Medicare costs.  I just have one hell of a problem with hypocrites like Senator Burr.  Our Senator severely criticized $500 Billion in cuts because they came from a Democratic President,  then goes on to propose TRILLIONS of his own.  Richard Burr was against cuts to Medicare,  before he was for them.  Where have we heard that line of reasoning before?

Republican Senator Richard Burr is not trustworthy, plain and simple.

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