Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sh*t @SenatorBurr Says - Siri, what can I do today to waste time?

Well,  our Senator manages to find plenty of innocuous issues on which to waste time.  My gosh, we are in debt up to our eyeballs.  Oil prices are going through the roof.  Medical costs continue to climb unabated.  We're spending a fortune in defense.  And our Senator is wasting his forking time with menial FCC issues?  Oh,  but he did think the legislation prohibiting Congress from trading on insider information was a huge waste.  That was much less important than these critical FCC issues that Richard chases around like a dog trying to catch his own tail.

Our Senator is an administrative Secretary, focusing on the little stuff,  while the big boys take care of the big problems.

Siri,  when are you going to grab Senator Butt by the ears and slap the fool out of him?

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