Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sh*t @SenatorBurr Says - Siri, where can I get more fingers to count up US Defense spending?

Are you REALLY aware of how much money our country spends on Soldiers, Guns, Tanks and Planes?  Really?

Then you know that our country spends,  per annum,  $2,230 per capita.  What do our allies spend on average per citizen?  Significantly less.  Only $667 per person.

Per capita we spend over 3x what our allies spend.  In grand total dollars,  it's well over 2x vs. all our key allies combined.  You knew that,  right?  And you're OK with it even though we rack up over $1 Trillion in additional debt annually?

Defense spending

Let's only spend twice as much per capita as our allies.  That's a reasonable goal,  don't you think?  Well,  OK then.  We should cut $280 BILLION annually out of our defense budget.

Senator Richard Burr needs many more fingers.  Hopefully,  Siri will find him a source.

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