Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm still looking for this Republican ...

A post from July 2011:

I will vote for a Republican who:
  1. Clearly communicates that a balanced approach of both raising taxes, and cutting expenses, is the only rational solution to our nation's budgetary problems.
  2. Who tells us that its shameful that 50% of Americans pay no federal income taxes at all, and even more shameful that our nation's Billionaires pay all-in effective taxes at rates lower than middle class Americans.
  3. Admits that we can no longer afford to spend more annually on our US Military than the next 14 nations combined, so we must make deep cuts to defense spending.
  4. Owns up to the fact that we can no longer afford to be policeman to the world, so its past time to close all US military bases outside of our country and bring all of our troops home.
  5. Who talks only about proposed solutions, and refrains entirely from pointing fingers at anyone and everyone not belonging to the Republican party.
  6. Who admits that trickle down economics is total crap.
  7. Who is smart enough to realize that salary expenses comprise 70% of medical costs, and we therefore must solve our medical crises by attacking the uber high salaries paid to medical professionals.
  8. Indicates that bankers are the enemy, and not our best buddies.
  9. Shows us that the answer to reducing our nation's outrageous college costs is to force professors to actually teach a full load.
  10. Who pounds the hell out of the table and demands that shareholders are given the right of a binding vote on the pay packages of key executives working in public companies - after all, we own the god damn companies in the first place.
  11. Who stands up to China and demands that they STOP manipulating their currency.
  12. Thinks it's absolutely egregious that our nation's justice department can't manage to throw a couple thousand bankers in jail for the TRILLIONS in lost wealth resulting from this latest financial crises.
  13. Labels Laissez-faire as nothing but hooey, and tells us a level playing field for all Americans, in all facets of life, is only possible with reasonable and rational regulations, and effective enforcement of those regulations.
  14. Who, when given privileged information about a potential financial crises in our nation, won't immediately hop on the 'effing phone, call his wife, and encourage her to run to the nearest ATM machine and withdraw as much cash as possible.
I won't ever be voting for our sorry, good for nothing, POS, worthless Republican Senator Richard Burr.

North Carolina deserves better than Senator Richard Burr.

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