Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sh*t @SenatorBurr Says - Siri, what's a rant?

Siri - Well,  Senator Butt,  here's an example of a good rant:

From July 2010:

I'm about to go on a RANT. It's going to be an ugly, emotional rant. I cuss heavily and blood rushes to my face to the point I take on a devilish appearance. If you don't like RANTS, don't read the rest of this post.

Why in the living hell am I not allowed to vote on the compensation paid to the executives of the companies in which I own shares? This one issue is the biggest pile of bullshit that my Republican party shovels each and every year, it's irritating as hell and makes me wonder every day if Republican politicians aren't really communists wrapping themselves in the American flag. We're capitalists for god's sake. Yet, in this country, I own stock in a company, and I don't have a god damn RIGHT to have a say in how much my companies pay their executives? WTF?

Each and every time, Republicans vote against giving shareholders the RIGHT to have a say on executive compensation of public companies. We're forced to vote for a CEO's hand picked slate of directors. We're forced to sit and watch as these friends of the CEO award these idiots ungodly amounts of compensation. We're forced to watch as these idiots go out and hire a compensation consultant who doesn't do shit but rubber stamp this ungodly compensation. Then, we're forced to watch all these assholes make off with massive amounts of wealth no matter how the company performs? Golden parachutes for failure are the norm. How in the hell can anyone with common sense sit there and allow this crap to happen time and time again?

Message to EVERY REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN in Washington DC. Get off your ^*&@ing lazy asses and put capitalism back on center stage. Give shareholders the right to decide how the executives in public companies are compensated. Republican politicians who support these bullshit CEOs are ALL ASSHOLES.

That's it. Rant is over. I feel better. And I will never vote for a Republican who thinks its wise to block any effort for shareholders to have a say over how THEIR companies are run. We should have the right to vote on compensation. We should have the right to nominate directors. We should have the right to have a say in these things because we're capitalists, not communists.

Republicans lost their rudder when it came to oversight of public corporations. As a result, we have a small community of idiot CEOs stealing our wealth. And the blame for this problem lies squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party. And that includes our idiot Republican Senator Richard Burr. This man spouts laissez-faire and capitalism and then constantly and consistently votes against basic shareholder rights. %*#& Richard Burr. OK, the rant was not quite over with, yet. Now it is.

North Carolina simply deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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