Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Articles worth a read, May 2012

Am extremely snowed under with work.
Will have to take a break from the blog.
I'll be back at some point after June 15.

05/30 Rajan to GOP: STFU about Bernanke
05/30 Housing: Plunge, again
05/30 GOP Wars: Another Trillion pissed away

05/29 Richard Burr: What has he accomplished?
05/29 Richard Burr: His favorite movie
05/29 Richard Burr: His favorite website

05/23 Europe: Driving into a brick wall
05/23 Budget issues: Common sense proposal
05/23 China: Caught with ore pants down

05/22 Mkt: Sucking wind
05/22 Europe: Needs politicians with a backbone
05/22 Basel III: Banks need $550+ Billion

05/21 Greece: Holy crap
05/21 Fitch: Greece pile-on
05/21 GOP: Poised to destroy our 401 Ks

05/20 Banks hedge?: No, they gamble
05/20 TED: Rich people do not create jobs
05/20 Romney: Lies, Lies, More Lies

05/19 The Rich: Win again
05/19 Bully and Idiot: Which is which?
05/19 Romney: Buy more guns

05/18 Euro mess: How it blows up
05/18 Romney: Mean, cruel brat
05/18 Hedge funds: Taking our money f/JP Morgan

05/17 Right-wing conservatives: Low IQ crowd
05/17 Wall Street Bankers: Psychopaths
05/17 Europe: How it gets solved

05/16 Romney: Spoiled bully
05/16 Wall Street: Gambles with our money
05/16 Education loans: Hobble our children

05/15 Education loans: Meltdown coming
05/15 Burr: Doing stupid crap
05/15 Corporations: That pay little tax

05/14 Ryan: The little idiot can't add
05/14 Corporations: Pay no tax
05/14 German Bankers: Screwed America

05/11 Bankers: Gambling again with our money
05/11 Swiss Chick: No more
05/11 Screw the people: We want guns

05/10 Romney: Gay basher
05/10 Rich people: Many are idiots
05/10 Democrats: Job creators

05/09 GOP: Shoves students over a cliff
05/09 Lugar: Defeated by tea baggers
05/09 GOP: Full of nut jobs

05/08 GOP Senators: Beat women
05/08 France: House price plunge soon
05/08 GOP: Let the people starve, buy guns

05/07 Bachmann: Defects to the Swiss
05/07 The new employer: Disability
05/07 Trust: Gone

05/04 Terminator to GOP: You suck
05/04 Baldwin to GOP: Boo
05/04 Stewart to GOP: Seriously?

05/03 GOP: Don't have the balls to cut spending
05/03 Rubio: Whoops
05/03 Obama job recovery: Better than Bush

05/02 Burr: Good at looking stupid
05/02 Burr: His boss
05/02 Cantor: Loser, even in his home state

05/01 GOP Ego: Too big to be reflected here
05/01 Milken Conference: Notes
05/01 Paul Ryan: Hey girl

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