Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Articles worth a read, June 2012

06/29 Arrows: Headed in right direction
06/29 Romney: For it, before against it
06/29 GOP: Dominate beautiful people list

Note to Senator Burr: #SCOTUS upholds ObamaCare. You're wrong.  Again. Notice the argument now is for full repeal. What happened to the replace part? Oh, no plan? Then STFU.

06/28 Euro crises: Best follow
06/28 ObamaCare: Play by play
06/28 Bankers: Screwing us, again

06/27 JPMorgan: Loss up to $9 B?
06/27 ObamaCare: What Americans think
06/27 Mitt's plan: Adopt ObamaCare

06/26 Americans: Hate Bankers and Politicians
06/26 Fiscal cliff: Cheat sheet
06/26 GOP healthcare plan: Nada, Zippo

06/25 Obama: Drill, drill, drill
06/25 Burr: Brain dead
06/25 GOP: 63% are brain dead

06/25 Highways: For god's sake, do something
06/25 Congress: Crooks
06/25 Financial threats: US > Europe

06/24 Worldwide: Run on safety deposit boxes
06/24 Note to GOP: Yes, let's have austerity
06/24 The Economist Readers: Re-elect Obama

06/23 GOP: Drove our economy into the sewer
06/23 GOP: Their legacy
06/23 Mitt: Good at moving jobs overseas

06/22 ObamaCare: $1.1 B back to Americans
06/22 GOP: Turned blind eye to tax cheats
06/22 Karl Rove: Pulls Mitt's strings

06/21 Nat Gas: Wild ride
06/21 GOP kills 3 Americans an hour
06/21 Mkt Cap as % of GDP

06/20 Burr: Protecting the RICH
06/20 Burr: Spews Stupidity
06/20 Burr: Drag queen

06/19 Burr: Doing REALLY important stuff
06/19 Burr: In your dreams
06/19 Burr: Focused on the big picture

06/18 Burr: Making idiotic comments
06/18 Burr: Tom's lapdog, again
06/18 Burr: Shoving women over the cliff

06/17 Americans: Sharing roofs to survive
06/17 Net worth: Down 40%
06/17 Construction jobs: Down down down

06/16 GOP: No, No, No
06/16 GOP says: No food for you
06/16 GOP Policies: Make us poor

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