Monday, July 23, 2012

Articles worth a read, July 2012

07/27 Cantor and Bachmann: Nut jobs
07/27 Strip clubs: GOP spends 3x more
07/27 Burr: Let's NOT tax the RICH

07/26 Phil Gramm: GOP Jackass
07/26 UK Enemy #1: Mitt Romney
07/26 Mitt: Really dumb move

07/25 TurboTax Timmy: Obama's biggest mistake
07/25 Mitt re defense: Cuts needed
07/25 GOP Senator: Tool for the RICH

07/24 America: Energy landscape
07/24 Middle class: Getting stomped
07/24 Tea Party Stupidity: Costs real money

07/23 Guns: Kill
07/23 Apple: Pays only 13% Corporate Tax Rate
07/23 Religious differences: Spur violence

07/20 Slide 7: US Politicians grossly incompetent
07/20 Corn: Problem
07/20 Higher taxes: No small-business impact

07/19 Romney: Lying his way forward
07/19 Bankers: Screwing us, again
07/19 USA budget: The facts

07/18 Annual droughts: In pictures
07/18 Bankers: Scumbags
07/18 US Politics: The 1% in control

07/17 US Senate: Yet more worthless bullshit
07/17 Summary: Recent Fed policy
07/17 Business loans: Growing nicely

07/16 Getting rich: Off sand
07/16 Congress: Worthless scumbags
07/16 Wall Street: Screwing the little guy, again

07/15 Congressional GOP: Underpay women
07/15 Banks: Constant lies, lies, more lies
07/15 Tax cheating: Not just for Mitt

07/14 Banks: Screwing America, again
07/14 Mitt: Arrogant ass
07/14 Kiss of Death: Palin endorses Rice

07/13 Financial Charts: 66 most important
07/13 GOP: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
07/13 Darth Vadar: Raises $ for Mitt

07/12 Romney: What's he hiding?
07/12 Romney: Plan to screw middle America
07/12 Romney: Won't release tax returns

07/11 GOP Senator: Real Americans pay no tax
07/11 GOP and Romney: Out to destroy America
07/11 Romney: Loves offshore shell corporations

07/10 Romney: Master of offshore accounts
07/10 Romney: Major donors are tax cheats
07/10 Mitt: Liar

07/09 Mitt: Liar, again
07/09 Romney: King of Gilded Age
07/09 Americans: Focus on jobs, not healthcare

07/08 China: Ruled by crooks
07/08 Romney or Obama: No difference
07/08 Romney vs Obama: Class warfare ahead

07/07 IRS: Punishes Americans for overfunding IRAs
07/07 Romney: Over $100 M in an IRA
07/07 Romney: effing tax cheater

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