Friday, July 27, 2012

Economy? Who cares? I'm focused on wealth. 'nuff said

Lots of moaning and groaning about how the economy will be the end to the Obama Presidency.  Hmmm,  I wonder what the stock market says .... keeping in mind the 10s of millions of middle class Americans who have 401 ks, IRAs, Coverdales,  529s, et al:

S&P 500

Jan 21, 2001 Bush sworn into office 1342.54
Jan 21, 2005 Bush completes 1st term 1167.87
Return .... -13.01%

Jan 21, 2005 Bush sworn into Office 1167.87
Jan 21, 2009 Bush completes 2nd term 840.24
Return .... -28.05%

Jan 21,2009 Obama sworn into office 840.24
Jul 27, 2012 Current day 1383.17
Return .... +64.6%

'nuff said.


  1. You forgot Clinton.
    Dow when he takes over from Bush Sr.: 3310
    Down when he Leaves Office : 10900
    A gigantic 230% gain.
    Another huge return for a democrat. This pattern repeats over and over. Republicans cut taxes, run up the deficits, and then watch the economy collapse.
    The democrats just run an even economy that allows stocks to go up.

  2. Yes, it's a real head scratcher that the GOP is tagged as the party of business. The evidence strongly suggests its really the party of wealth destruction.