Monday, July 16, 2012

Excellent article on current political polls in NC and Va

An excellent article on where the Presidential polls currently stand in both NC and Va.  I couldn't help but laugh at a couple of things:
  1. Burr doesn't move the needle.  He has no pull within our State.  Of that,  I was already aware.  After 15 years in Congress,  he's a nobody,  with exactly ZERO notable achievements for North Carolina,  or our nation.
  2. Eric Cantor is tremendously unpopular.  No kidding.  That idiot caused $2.4 Trillion in wealth destruction at about this time last year.  You can't act like a damn child over issues as important as financing our nation's budget.  You can't take actions that directly destroy massive amounts of wealth without making Americans tremendously upset. What was he trying to achieve when he wound up making $2.4 Trillion disappear?  He was in a rage over a couple hundred million in tax increases on the extremely wealthy.  It was an idiotic trade-off,  which is typical of our modern day Republican party.

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