Monday, July 16, 2012

I can't vote for Mitt

I'm not pleased with the Obama Presidency:
  1. He failed to punish the banking community for screwing our economy.
  2. He failed to punish the GOP for screwing our economy.
  3. He failed to cram higher taxes down the throats of the 1% of Americans who have grossly underpaid taxes for decades, sending our country down the path to $15 Trillion in debt.
  4. He failed to get us the hell out of the war business.
  5. He's just plain weak.  The very day after the election when Mitch McConnell spewed his disdain and loathing for President Obama,  our new President should have gone on the offensive and decimated the GOP.
That should be enough for anyone to turn their back on another Obama Presidency.

But,  it's significantly more difficult to envision a vote for Mitt Romney:
  1. He belongs to an exclusionary, cult religion. Disagree?  If you're a non-Mormon,  try attending a Mormon wedding, or dating a Mormon.  Walk into a Mormon church service and see how welcomed you are.  America is a melting pot.  The Mormon Church is an exclusionary island of religious fanatics.  The two together don't compute.
  2. He's a tax cheat.  $100 Million IRA. How do you even come close to legally accumulating that much when annual contributions are capped at a mere $6,000?  Then you have all the off-shore accounts, trusts for the wife,  trusts for the children, LLCs.  Come on.  And we have to ask ourselves why our country is $15 Trillion in debt?  The answer lies squarely in the tax returns of Mitt Romney.
  3. The man makes over $20 Million a year (not including all the annual tax free income on that $100 M IRA) and pays a lower income tax rate than an average secretary earning $35 K.  How can we allow a person to occupy the White House who fails to live by example?  I don't give a damn if his returns wind up being clean.  It's simply an insult to Americans to earn that much money,  pay that little income tax,  and not just step up to the plate and denounce the unfairness of the system,  whip out a checkbook ... and make it right.
  4. The man hasn't met a job in his life that he didn't try to figure out how he could ship to a lower wage country.
  5. He was for the Health Care mandate,  before he was against it.  Face it,  Mitt will say, and do, ANYTHING to get elected.  ANYTHING.
I just can't do it.  I CAN NOT vote for Mitt Romney.

Like with me,  for most Americans, this election will come down to ...  I know I can't vote for Mitt,  but can I justify a vote for another Obama Presidency?  I either vote for President Obama,  or I stay home.

At this point,  I'm just not sure where I'll be on election day.

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