Monday, July 16, 2012

@SenatorBurr is an 'effing loser

I'm sitting here reading Senator Richard Burr's update letter.  It absolutely makes me madder than hell.  This man is a loser.  He's been in Congress for over 15 years.  What do we have to show for his 15 years of service?   We don't have jack ... but $15 TRILLION in fucking debt hanging around our necks.  And this god damn loser can't do anything but whine:

"Our economy is rapidly approaching a “Fiscal Cliff,” and unless Congress acts, on January 1, 2013, every American will experience a perfect storm of unprecedented tax increases and automatic cuts to spending across the board, on everything from defense to Medicare.  Temporary band-aid measures and gimmicks that sound good in talking points but do nothing to help the economy create jobs are not the solution – they only make our dire fiscal situation worse and would delay our economic recovery.  I believe most Americans want to see leadership for tackling the severe budget problems and debt we face in a permanent way, and we should do that with a full and honest debate about our priorities."

Richard,  you didn't get the job done.  So maybe it's damn time we try some fucking automatic cuts that simply kick in and do your work for us.  In the mean time,  do us a favor.  Just shut the hell up and stop your whining.

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