Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My decision is made - #Obama2012

If you've read any of my blog posts,  you'll know that I'm a moderate Republican.  Most importantly,  I'm a capitalist who firmly believes in free markets.  Unlike most in the GOP,  I think we need more oversight in many aspects of our financial markets.  The Wall Street thieves continue to rape us on a daily basis.  We need referees on the playing field,  we need more regulatory oversight of Wall Street.  We need for punishment to be doled out to those who screwed our economy.   We need a large number of bankers to be dressed in orange jump suits and be made to bunk with Bubba.

I lean conservative,  but pragmatic,  on fiscal issues.  We need to balance our budgets.  But it needs to be done thru a mix of increasing taxes,  and aggressive budget cuts.  However,  the rich in our country pay far too little,  and our budget knife needs to fall hard on defense spending.  On social issues, I am significantly more liberal.   Women need to be in charge of their own bodies,  not our government,  and certainly not bible thumping nut jobs.  And gays should be left alone to live their own lives as they see fit.  My over-riding philosophy is that every American has a right to live life based on their own moral values,  as long as how they live, and what they do, does not bring bodily harm to anyone else.

Up until 2004,  I had voted a straight Republican ticket, for over two decades.  After four years of George Bush,  I thought him the moron he wound up being.  I was early to recognize just how much damage he would do to our country.  So,  I held my nose and voted for Kerry in 2004.  By 2008,  I was an ANGRY Republican,  so disgusted by the inept actions of my party that I eagerly voted for Barack Obama.

President Obama has been a disappointment,  on a number of fronts.  But my disappointments differ greatly from those of most Americans.   I am angry that President Obama is so docile.  I am angry that he has not taken Wall Street to task for destroying our economy.   I am angry that he sits back and allows Republican politicians to mouth off at him and continue to tell such egregious lies that it insults the intelligence of those of us who really read, research and understand what's happening in our economy and with our nation's fiscal situation.   I am angry that President Obama hasn't cracked down on the lying, SOB Republican politicians to the point of shaming them out of office for the immense damage they have done to our nation.   I am one hell of an angry Republican,  angry at my own party,  and angry at a docile President who refuses to call bullshit on the GOP.

So, how do I vote?  Well,  I have two choices.  Either I stay home,  or I vote for President Obama.   Until yesterday,  I wasn't sure which it was going to be.   I've made up my mind.  I'm voting again for Barack Obama.   And I'll lay out my thinking in a couple of future posts.   But,  now that I've made up my mind,  I'm throttling back on my blog posts.   I don't want to think about politics much more.  It makes my blood boil.  And it takes my attention away from trading and investing,  which is what I do best.

President Barack Obama has my vote in the coming election,  and there is nothing that will sway my opinion.


  1. Regarding not paying income tax....

    I've asked this question before ... Prior to retiring a couple of years ago, I grossed $54,000 - $56,000 per year with no dependents and no mortgage deduction. It certainly seemed to me that I was paying Federal Income Tax but I keep hearing that the money withheld from my check didn't really qualify me as a payer of Fed Income Tax.

    Can you straighten me out?


    p.s. Yeah, I'll vote for Obama even though I view him as somewhat to the right of Nixon.

  2. Jill,

    From articles I've read, it's mostly the $40 ish K family and below, with a couple children, that are escaping federal income taxes. What gets my goat is the constant GOP political drumbeat that these folks pay no taxes. That's just plain BS. They'll get hit with 7% payroll taxes. Plus, their employer matches that. That 14% tax on their pay goes to paying Social Security and Medicare - the 2 largest expense items in our federal budget. So, GOP politicians ignore the payment of payroll taxes, yet complain about the need to cut the level of spending in Social Security and Medicare. And, by the way, that 14% payroll tax is higher than Mitt Romney's 13.9% tax bill. The working man and woman, yourself included, contributes a higher percentage of their income to taxes than does the multmillionaire Mitt Romney. That is simply WRONG. Don't you think?