Wednesday, September 5, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Take a knife to federal spending, watch unemployment soar.

Note to our idiot Republican US Senator Richard Burr - go ahead,  bring on austerity.  Watch unemployment soar to heights unseen,  ever.   This bullshit about drastic cuts to spending,  even more tax cuts into the pockets of the super wealthy,  and a better economy ahead .... is just that .... BULLSHIT.  It's a road to economic ruin ... and soaring unemployment.

We need balance.  We need tax increases,  and spending cuts.  We need for Republican politicians to get off their sorry asses and compromise.  And we're just tired of all the bullshit flowing from the mouths of the likes of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney.   They don't have the answers.  They are among the mass of the clueless Republican politicians who are reeking havoc on America.

North Carolina deserves better than our idiot Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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