Friday, November 16, 2012

Articles worth a read, November 2012

11/29 Grover: Actually coming out the winner
11/29 GOP House Chairmen: White Men Only
11/29 College sports: Its all about money

11/28 McCain: Stupid
11/28 WSJ to GOP: Grow up, raise taxes
11/28 Romney team: Delusional

11/27 Lower Cap Gains Tax: Worthless to economy
11/27 GOP: Owned by Billionaires
11/27 Black Friday Sales: +13% YoY

11/26 Wal-Mart: 80% of employees on food stamps
11/26 Fox News: Wing of GOP
11/26 Fla Laws: Goal was to suppress vote

11/20 IRS: Tax Facts
11/20 GOP: Eye on the ball ... Taxes, Jobs
11/20 GOP: Hell yeah, we love war

11/19 Obama = Reagan: Yep
11/19 Small businesses: $450 B Tax Cheats
11/19 GOP: Pitching a tax reform LIE

11/16 Romney: Sore loser
11/16 GOP Lawmakers: Acting like children, again
11/16 Obama: GOP dynamic scoring is bullshit

11/15 GOP Lawmakers: 'Effing LIARS
11/15 Romney: Intelligent supporters, not
11/15 Obama's focus: Ground game, middle class

11/14 Taxes: Must raise, but how?
11/14 Bush Tax Cuts: Must end
11/14 Jindal: GOP, stop protecting the rich

11/13 McCain: Clueless dolt
11/13 GOP: Running away from Romney
11/13 Pollsters: Out to lunch

11/12 Karl Rove: Loser
11/12 Less educated: Voted for Romney
11/12 Mandate: Bush, but not Obama?

11/09 House GOP: Lost the vote
11/09 Romney: Actually thought he would win

11/08 House: Won by redistricting, not votes
11/08 GOP: Blaming Sandy and Christie
11/08 ObamaCare: Exchanges

11/07 Romney: Hurt by demographics
11/07 Pollsters: Good and bad
11/07 Obama: Victory speech

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