Thursday, November 29, 2012

@SenatorBurr - Just WTF are you doing up there in Washington DC?

I sit behind a bank of computer screens all day long.  Beyond the flashing lights of securities trading activity,  I'm monitoring news flow to see what's impacting the securities markets.  These days,  it's nothing but fiscal cliff.  The Bush Tax cuts are expiring.  Deep budget cuts are kicking in.  And it's all coming down on our heads if our politicians can't get a deal in place to address all these budgetary issues.

As a result,  the news flow is dominated by Senators and Congressmen pounding the podium,  blowing smoke,  and challenging each other to determine who can crater the markets more.   Absent from this parade of clowns?  Where in the hell is Senator Richard Burr these days? 

Honest to God,  I just don't know what our worthless Senator does up there in Washington DC.  Do you?  Even my google alerts on Senator Burr have gone dark.  Nothing.  He's not doing anything news worthy.  You'd think with all the activity happening now on the tax front,  our Senator would be there somewhere,  saying something,  doing something news worthy.

Maybe he's:

o Up under his desk again catching up on his sleep.
o With Q-Tip in hand,  he's having great difficulty getting the wax out of his ears.
o Got lost trying to find an AMT to withdraw his allowance.
o Is out driving his thingmobile and got caught in a perpetual traffic circle.
o Sitting around waiting for Mitch to tell him what to do.
o Is lost without guidance from Tom Coburn.

Heck,  I don't know what our Senator is doing these days.  But I do know that we could get rid of him,  and his office and personnel expenses,  and no one would know.  No one.  The man is worthless.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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