Thursday, November 15, 2012

@SenatorBurr - This angry old white guy flipped our GOP a middle finger and voted for President Obama, again.

I made up my mind a couple weeks before the election that I would vote again for President Obama.  Once  firmly decided,  I just didn't want to think about politics for a long while.  So I backed away from this blog and cooled my jets until after the election.  While I had indicated in my last post that I would spell out my thoughts on why I was,  once again,  turning my back on my party and voting for the other guy,  I just didn't want to think about politics until the election had come and gone.  Thinking about the failures of our modern day GOP is just simply too stressful.

Today's Republican Party is a giant, colossal failure.

Here's why I could not vote for Mitt and Paul:

1. Abortion

It's a personal decision to be made within my family, after consultation with our family doctor.  It's not a religious decision.  It's not a legal decision.  It's a moral and practical decision that belongs within the walls of our home.  To interject our government into this most personal of decisions is to say to us that our lives belong to the government.  I vehemently reject that idea.

In addition,  I was tremendously turned off by Paul Ryan's rigid insistence that abortion be made completely illegal.  His beliefs are driven by his religion.  I deplore Mr Ryan's religion.  Catholics should be very deeply ashamed of the institutional pedophilia that continues to be uncovered within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.  Hello?  Your Priests are raping children, and the leadership of your Church does nothing, but try to cover up that fact.  Mr. Ryan, until you clean up your house,  don't use your screwed up home as a basis of telling me how I can live in mine.

I won't be voting for another GOP Politician until the GOP takes a practical stance on Abortion.  It's not something that needs government intervention.  Leave the issue alone.  Refrain from even talking about it.

2. Taxes

Mitt Romney made $20 Million in income and paid less than 14% income tax.  I made substantially less,  and paid taxes at twice that rate.  It's not class warfare.  It's not jealousy.  It's a more fundamental problem.  Fairness.  It's just not fair.   Those who make more,  should pay more.  And our idiot GOP Politicians continue to think otherwise.

Additionally,  I just flat got tired of reading about all the tax loopholes Mitt used.  Trusts for the kids.  Trusts for the wife.  Offshore corporations in the Caymens.  The CRUT Trust with his church.  The double Irish with the Dutch sandwich corporate structure.  The $100 Million IRA.  WTF?  It was simply too much.   And not once did Mitt tell us that it was too much.  He didn't tell us these things were a problem that he would fix.  He did not tell us that our tax system was unfair.  In fact,  he only told us he wanted to make it even MORE unfair.

Fuck that.  If you make $20 M and pay a lower percentage of your income in taxes than a teacher, policeman or firefighter,  and don't think that's wrong,  well then,  you deserve to have your ass kicked in the election.

3. Business skills

I was greatly amused at all the talk about Mitt Romney being a brilliant businessman.  Oh please. The man was good at raising money from institutional investors. He then invested that money with good business people.  But Mitt's business skills?  Well, they sucked hind tit.

What was Mitt's message?  Honestly, when you thought about Mitt,  what was he communicating as his theme,  his central message?   He didn't have one.   President Obama's was memorable and effective ... FORWARD.  Every good business person knows that their business needs a theme,  a message,  and an logo to constantly remind customers/voters of the message.  President Obama had it, communicated it effectively .... FORWARD.

Mitt, on the other hand, was all over the map.  You never really knew what he stood for,  where he was headed,  what he wanted to achieve.  And once you thought you might have him figured out,  he made such drastic turns, twists and changes to his message that it left our heads spinning.

Poor Mitt struck me as being a scatter brained idiot who couldn't run a business to save his life.  We've already had one of those Presidents ... George W Bush.  How did that turn out for us?  'nuff said.

4. Lies

Oh god.  Don't even get me started.  Let's just say that I am so fucking fed up with all the lying that comes out of the mouths of GOP politicians that I can't bring myself to vote for them.  And they lie with such ease,  like they think that none of us are intelligent enough to know otherwise.  Mitt lied frequently.  And I just got tired of hearing the lies.

5.  Vitriol

If the modern day GOP excels at anything,  it's at pointing fingers at the other guy and blaming him for everything,  while offering up absolutely no alternatives,  no solutions,  no recommendation or suggestions.   If you're going to spew hate and criticisms,  then tell me how you'll do better,  or just shut the fuck up.  I can't name a single GOP Politician that I've listened to recently and hadn't wished they'd just shut the fuck up.  I thought that often about Mitt and Paul. 

That's it.  And surprisingly,  I wasn't the only angry white guy who was fed up enough with his political party that he walked into the voting booth and voted for the other guy.  Mitt got his ass kicked,  badly.  And the result is as it should have been.  He didn't deserve to win this election.  And if he had,  our country would have been worse off as a result.

That's my opinion about Mitt, Barack,  and this election .  I'm entitled to mine.  You're entitled to yours. That's what makes our country great.

Now,  I can get back to dishing out grief to the idiocy of our Republican Party, and our idiot GOP Senator ... Richard Burr.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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