Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Articles worth a read, December 2012

12/10 Obama: Playing offense
12/10 Corker: Speaks for rational GOP
12/10 L Graham: Wants to destroy America

12/07 GOP: Kicks Dole down stairs
12/07 Obama approval: Rising
12/07 SCOTUS: Addressing gay rights

12/06 Obama plan: Who pays. how much
12/06 BS plan: Really taxes the rich
12/06 MCConnell: Playing the role of idiot

12/05 CEOs: Boot on neck of middle class
12/05 GOP House: Fewer votes than Dems
12/05 GOP: Owned by the SuperRich

12/04 Mitt: Lost by almost 5 M votes
12/04 GOP: Full of Crap. Liars. Hypocrites
12/04 Obama spending binge: Farce

12/03 American people: Will blame GOP
12/03 Karl and Dick: FIRED
12/03 GOP: Hate the middle class

12/02 GOP: Losing blame game
12/02 GOP: Can't add
12/02 GOP: Champions of voter suppression

12/01 GOP Medicare fix: Worthless
12/01 Simpson-Bowles: HUGE tax increase
12/01 GOP: No Mulligans

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