Thursday, January 3, 2013

@SenatorBurr - How did the GOP squander the 2000, 10 yr budget surplus?

Look at the graph below.  It represents the 10 year financial projection for the Federal Government Budget when the Republicans took power in 2000.   How in the living hell could one party do so much damage that surpluses, as far as the eye could see, turned into $16 Trillion in debt?  How?

The graph below tells the entire story. Republicans caused this financial crises. They squandered surpluses and turned them into massive deficits. 

I am a Republican. And I am FUCKING tired of listening to Republican politicians in my party point fingers at President Obama, and Democrats, in an effort to dodge the fact that Republicans destroyed our country.  God DAMN it,  accept responsibility.  Man up.

And more. Just fucking stop the finger pointing.  Come to the table with reasonable, rational, common sense solutions.  And for god's sake,  stop protecting the rich.  Stop protecting the ungodly amount of money we spend on defense.  Stop attacking.  Stop with the name calling.  Just fucking stop with all the irrational crap coming out of the Republican Party these days. 


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