Tuesday, February 5, 2013

@GOPLeader, AKA Eric Cantor, is a lying DipSh*t. #GOP #RNC #Idiots

I've not been posting much this year to my blog.  Had some minor health issues that sidelined me for awhile, and just now getting back into the swing of monitoring the financial markets, growing my wealth, and laughing my tail off at the utter stupidity of my Republican Party.

This morning provided a good bit of humor.  That idiot Eric Cantor,  the esteemed GOP leader of the House was on Bloomberg TV giving an interview.  I laughed so hard at his stupidity that I almost spilled coffee all over my keyboard.  That man is the biggest f*cking liar that I can ever recall hearing.  And his stupidity is only matched by a dirt clod.

Why was I laughing at Eric?  In the interview he emphasized something like "We all know that this stimulus spending has accomplished nothing".

Oh, really?

Flow of Funds Report,  Federal Reserve Board, Page 113,  Balance Sheet of Households, in other words, the Net Worth of American Families:

$53.5 Trillion 2008 (after 8 years of Republican led economic destruction)
$64.7 Trillion 2012 (After a couple years of Democratic stimulus spending)

$11.2 Trillion in wealth creation in 4 years of stimulus spending.

Stimulus has done nothing?  That's a f*cking lie Eric.  And there are 11.2 Trillion pieces of evidence that back it up.

If Eric Cantor wants credibility,  he can start with just stopping the constant stream of lies that come out of his mouth.  We're just damn tired of hearing them.

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