Wednesday, February 20, 2013

@SenatorBurr - Greatly amused at your stupidity Senator. #GOP #RNC #IdiotsAll

Oh what a wonderful morning.  It's always nice to wake up to an article that makes me laugh my tail off.  This morning's humor?  Senator Richard Burr shows what a clueless dolt he is in regards to what's happening in the US Economy.  North Carolina's idiot Republican Senator issued a scathing retort to President Obama's State of the Union Address.  At the very heart of the Senator's ignorance:

"It is time for the President to stop lecturing Congress and face the facts – his policies have failed, and they are making our economy worse."

Oh, really Senator?  Really?

What 'effing planet do you live on Senator?  Surely, it isn't Earth.  And surely it isn't in the United States of America.  Because,  if it was,  and if you actually served the best interests of your electorate,  you would know:

Economic output is ramping:

Employment is growing:

Consumer spending is increasing:

Inflation is under control:

Housing is bouncing back:

Mortgage interest rates are at historic lows:

Loans to businesses are increasing nicely:

Household net worth is up $11 Trillion since President Obama took office:

And all this,  and other useful economic information is available for anyone to view for themselves, here.  Maybe Senator,  you should take some time from your busy schedule of sleeping underneath your desk and educate yourself as to how our economy's actually performing?

North Carolina deserves better than our dolt of a Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.

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