Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sh*t @SenatorBurr Says - Siri, what's the best way to torture people?

Siri responds - Senator Butt, you could run again for the Senate.

Turns out that North Carolina's senior Republican Senator (yes, it's weird to type that) just LOVES to torture people. So much so,  he's going to block the release of a report that spells out all the ways that our Government has tortured captives in the recent past. Hmmm, wonder if that report lists Senator Burr's tenure in Congress and the Senate? I sure feel pain from my tax dollars having to pay the salary for a man who accomplishes so little that I frequently wonder how much time he clocks sleeping up under his desk. 

You can read more about it here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

@SenatorBurr : Because, even a Clueless Clown can Chair the Senate Intelligence Committee.

I'm a dying breed,  a moderate Republican.  After my party got hi-jacked by the right wing crazies near the end of the Bush administration,  I had no other choice but to change my voter registration over to Independent.  Still,  I consider myself a Republican,  much more so than a Democrat.

So, last night's election results were a mixed blessing.   On the one hand,  I see a glimmer of hope that some sanity will return to my Republican Party.  On the other hand,  there are far too many Republican politicians still in office from the class that did so much damage to our economy in the early 2000s.  These errant,  nut job Republicans still need to be punished. 

Among them?   North Carolina Senator Richard Burr.  That's why I can't let go of this blog.   Richard Burr is a joke.  The man has accomplished absolutely nothing in his tenure in Congress and then in the Senate.   He excels only in pointing fingers after the fact,  and being,  well,  nowhere to be found when the important issues in Congress are being discussed and acted upon.   For those reasons,  I will continue to poke fun of the empty suit known as Senator Richard Burr.

@SenatorBurr is kicking off his 2016 Campaign with a theme and logo

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

@SenatorBurr kisses the asses of rich hedge fund investors.

Sitting in front of a bank of computer screens all day,  every day,  soaking up news and trading the financial markets,  can be infuriating.  Actually,  often,  these days.  Why?  I am simply just fucking tired of reading articles about rich Americans escaping their responsibility to pay income taxes.  Fucking tired of it!

The latest is here.  Rich hedge fund investors enter into scam contracts to turn ST gains into LT gains.  Instead of paying taxes at 28%+ rates,  they are only taxed at 15%.  And you can bet this scam is only available to the super rich.

This rampant tax avoidance prevents me from voting Republican.  Mitt Romney didn't get my vote in the last election,  although I didn't care for President Obama.  Mitt made over $20 Million and paid federal income taxes at a rate less than 14%.  The vast majority of hard working middle class Americans pay net effective rates that are a FULL 50% higher than Mitt's rates.  How in the fuck is that fair?   How is it fair given all the damn trusts, $100 Million IRAs, and all the other tax avoidance schemes that Mitt can access but are not available to the vast majority of America?   It isn't fair.  And it really pisses me off.

So what is Richard Burr and my former Republican Party (I am now an Independent) doing about this?  These assholes want to severely cut the IRS budget.  These assholes are AWOL in hearings that shine light on tax avoidance schemes of the rich.  These assholes do nothing but cook up programs and new legislation to cut taxes on the rich further.


Middle class Americans are just damn tired of carrying the load,  while the rich pull the wool over the eyes of our country.

North Carolina deserves better than our Do Nothing, Asshole Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bush? Obama? Who does a better job managing our economy? GOP? Democrats?

I follow the "keep it simple, stupid" method of thinking about who does the best job in managing our country.  Only 3 metrics meet the criteria in making the assessment: Net Worth of American Households (Wealth),  Number of Americans Employed (Jobs),  and S&P 500 Returns (Best metric measuring both Wealth and Jobs).

So, who is the better CEO of America?  Which political party has done the best job?

President Obama is kicking George Bush's ass.  It's not even close.   

Obama has created $9.8 Trillion more in wealth,  3.5 Million more jobs,  and the S&P 500 has moved 1,631 more points under his Presidency than that of George W. Bush.

As you reflect on this,  recall that Bush and the GOP nearly destroyed our economy.  And our dumbassed US Senator,  Richard Burr,  was right there,  voting in lockstep with George Bush.  Really?  You want to believe that Richard Burr is an asset to North Carolina?  You want to believe that having Richard Burr in the US Senate is actually a benefit to our economy?  Get an effing clue.  The facts tell a different story.  And here are the facts:

North Carolina,  and our nation,  deserve better than GOP Senator Richard Burr.

Eric Cantor (@GOPLeader) ... RIP you arrogant asshole.

I should have known in June 2011 that voters would eventually apply common sense and kick an arrogant asshole out of Congress.  From June 2011:

Cantor pulls the idiot card out of the deck. Republicans SUCK

So, Eric Cantor just announces that he is not willing to compromise. We can't raise income taxes? Billionaires pay net effective federal income taxes at rates lower than middle class Americans. Total taxes paid by Americans are at the lowest level in 60 years. Half of Americans don't even pay income taxes. We are in debt up to our eyeballs.

And the American people should not pay more taxes in order to balance our budgets? Are you 'effing nuts Eric?

Is that not insane? At a time where fear of what the idiots in Washington DC will do has the professional trading community hitting the sell button, and destroying our savings, Eric Cantor and the Republican Party want to act like 5 year olds, in a highly irresponsible manner, and kill off our financial markets. Plunging economic activity and significantly higher unemployment will follow.


It should be crystal clear now why I think my current day Republican Party are populated with idiot politicians. They can all go to hell.

Note to VP Biden - Treat Cantor like a 5 year old. Put him in the corner and ignore his childish actions. In other words, lock his sorry ass out of the room and throw away the key.

North Carolina deserves better than our good for nothing Republican Senator Richard Burr, that's for darn sure.

Economy? Who cares? I'm focused on wealth. 'nuff said.

update to a post initially made back in July 2012 .... 

Lots of moaning and groaning about how the economy will be the end to the Obama Presidency.  Hmmm,  I wonder what the stock market says .... keeping in mind the 10s of millions of middle class Americans have 401 ks, IRAs, Coverdales, 529s, et al:

S&P 500

Jan 21, 2001 Bush sworn into office 1342.54
Jan 21, 2005 Bush completes 1st term 1167.87
Return .... -13.01%

Jan 21, 2005 Bush sworn into office 1167.87
Jan 21, 2009 Bush completes 2nd term 840.24
Return .... -28.05%

Jan 21, 2009 Obama sworn into office 840.24
Jan 22, 2013 Obama completes 1st term 1492.56
Return .... +77.63%

Jan 22, 2013 Obama sworn into office 1492.56
July 7, 2014  Current day 1967.57
Return .... +31.8%

'nuff said.