Tuesday, July 22, 2014

@SenatorBurr kisses the asses of rich hedge fund investors.

Sitting in front of a bank of computer screens all day,  every day,  soaking up news and trading the financial markets,  can be infuriating.  Actually,  often,  these days.  Why?  I am simply just fucking tired of reading articles about rich Americans escaping their responsibility to pay income taxes.  Fucking tired of it!

The latest is here.  Rich hedge fund investors enter into scam contracts to turn ST gains into LT gains.  Instead of paying taxes at 28%+ rates,  they are only taxed at 15%.  And you can bet this scam is only available to the super rich.

This rampant tax avoidance prevents me from voting Republican.  Mitt Romney didn't get my vote in the last election,  although I didn't care for President Obama.  Mitt made over $20 Million and paid federal income taxes at a rate less than 14%.  The vast majority of hard working middle class Americans pay net effective rates that are a FULL 50% higher than Mitt's rates.  How in the fuck is that fair?   How is it fair given all the damn trusts, $100 Million IRAs, and all the other tax avoidance schemes that Mitt can access but are not available to the vast majority of America?   It isn't fair.  And it really pisses me off.

So what is Richard Burr and my former Republican Party (I am now an Independent) doing about this?  These assholes want to severely cut the IRS budget.  These assholes are AWOL in hearings that shine light on tax avoidance schemes of the rich.  These assholes do nothing but cook up programs and new legislation to cut taxes on the rich further.


Middle class Americans are just damn tired of carrying the load,  while the rich pull the wool over the eyes of our country.

North Carolina deserves better than our Do Nothing, Asshole Republican Senator Richard Burr.


  1. You're back! So pleased to have you commenting again.

  2. Couldn't help myself. Need an outlet to vent political frustrations. I realize it accomplishes next to nothing. Unfortunately. But, it does make me feel better to get it off my chest.

    So sad to see the Republican Party being totally controlled by the nut job, ultra right-wingers. For those of us who hold must hold our nose to vote Democrat, we're left in political purgatory, since there's no tolerance for Moderates . Perplexing that we can't get a Centrist Party up and running in our country ... leaning Liberal on Social Issues, Conservative (but rational) on Fiscal Issues.

    Joan, why can't we get a Centrist Party up and running in America?

  3. I've stopped thinking/wondering about this country. I suppose our government reflects the people. I no longer think in terms of Republican, Democrat, Centrist, Liberal or Conservative. I daydream about effective, workable, common sense solutions that bypass corruption, nepotism, malignancy, and hate. If it's good for me then it should be good for you and vice versa. You notice I said "daydream."

    Our own half-decent state seems determined to lead the way in showing how corruption and greed can almost overnight destroy something that was slowly and painfully built since 1865. I hear some objection to North Carolina's course but find very little outright repugnance. As I said, we get the government we want and it reflects us as a people. Yes, obviously, I moved from depression to despair some time ago.

    Speaking of holding your nose to vote... yeah, I'm right there with you. It's very much a matter of choosing the lesser of two weevils (old joke from a Patrick O'Brien sea story).

    I'm so glad I dropped by the site just on the off-chance that you might have resumed commenting. Actually, I rather thought that state politics might have you so gob smacked that you would have to comment. :)