Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Good riddance GOP.



The immense anger I displayed here years ago is just now bubbling over in America,  enough to create havoc within the GOP.   The party is imploding.  Good riddance.   People like Richard Burr,  screwed us.  The lynching mobs are just now forming.  Now,  its their turn.

In the headlines:
  • CEO pay hit the stratosphere.
  • Corporate profits hit all-time highs.
  • Wall Street partied like never before.
  • Health care company profits soared.
  • Corporate tax scams ran rampant.
  • Weapons of mass destruction were never found.
  • The ultra wealthy enjoyed tax rates lower than the middle class.
  • The rich got far richer.
 Meanwhile,  in the homes of average Americans:
  • Healthcare premiums absolutely skyrocketed
  • College became unaffordable
  • Take home pay declined
What was the GOP response to these problems?
  • Free markets will solve everything.
  • We don't need to negotiate drug prices.
  • Let's slash IRS funding on enforcement.
  • Wall street needs no oversight or enforcement.
  • There is no need for shareholders to vote on executive pay.
  • We need to send in our military,  everywhere,  all the time.
  • Creating jobs thru infrastructure spending not a good idea,  because,  Obama.
  • But, let's audit the FED!   Yeah,  that will solve everything.
  • And for god's sake,  if our President is for something,  then we're against it.
My Republican Party is full of idiot politicians,  like Richard Burr.   And now,  they will pay the price.


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